Sanitation and cleaning service with disinfection, safe and natural for your comfort and healthiness

All the environments around us are predisposed to be contaminated by VIRUS and bacteria and in some cases, more than in others, it is necessary to adopt appropriate sanitation processes in order to prevent the occurrence of pathologies.

Our work is carried out with the aim of destroying the bacterial charge, bacteria, inactivate VIRUS, moulds, yeasts, spores, yeasts, protozoa, fungi and eliminate odours and allergies, with the use of a new sanitising system, based on Ozone, applied within homes, public and private offices, kindergartens, schools, shops, boutiques, bars, restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, kitchens, dental offices, veterinary surgeries, gyms, yachts etc., ensuring a feeling of freshness, hygiene, a fresh aroma of clean and microbiological safety of indoor environments and H.A.C.C.P..

– Sanitisation with Ozone using professional machinery.
Thanks to an exclusive system, our machines guarantee, in addition to the production and control of ozone, also its conversion in oxygen at the end of the treatment, so as to make the affected area accessible in safety at the end of the sanitation, as required by the regulations in force. They are able to sanitize every environment safely and quickly, allowing you to access the room as soon as possible.

The new technique of “sanitisation”, based on the use of ozone, is applied during the disinfection phase, with the important advantage of not using chemicals, to be quickly implemented and to act on all the surfaces present in the sanitised place (e.g.: in an office of 120 mc. complete with desks, computers, keyboards etc.) the ozone dispensing time is 80 minutes.

– Disinfection using professional detergents.
“Disinfection” means reducing the number of micro-organisms, eliminating pathogenic germs. The products we use are specific, capable of eliminating these pathogenic micro-organisms, but without staining or corroding the surfaces.

Do you want to safely sanitize your rooms?